Sygic Voucher Update - new features and free contents

The latest version of Sygic Voucher (16.4) version just released, it has many new features and free contents.


Quick menu

A new three dot button was added in the below right corner of the map browsing / navigating mode as a quick menu button. (Pic. 1). In the menu, you can set the sounds, launch Head up display / DashCam, switch to walking mode, get the route info or cancel route
if created (pic2). You can also add a waypoint via this menu.



Premium Speed-cameras free after the update!

We have added Live speed-cameras which were a part of the paid feature live services before for free to every Sygic Voucher license! There is nothing required to do to add this feature as it will be added automatically after the update. Please note, that live speed-cameras require internet connection.


Quick adding waypoints

In the newest version of Sygic Voucher, there is a new option to add way-points during navigation. To do so, please follow these steps:
Click on the quick menu button
Click on the search / navigate to bar
Type in the address or select a POI from the POI offer bar
Select your way-point and select add as waipoint in the next menu Sygic Voucher waypoint


Real Time Socail Sahring

Let your family know when to expect you as you head home from work. Or your friends how close you are to picking them up. With a simple message that contains the link to your current position, others can see you approach your destination in real time.
You can share your planned route, estimated time of your arrival and real-time position on the map with others. The person (or people) you choose to share your route with will see how close you are to your destination.
To share the route, follow the steps below:
Click the share route button (pic.1)
Select share route (pic.2)
Select the method of sending the message
Your planned route will be visible on the Glympse map (pic.4), which can be viewed in a browser or in the Glympse application. Your current position and predicted time of arrival are frequently updated. So if you run late or travel faster than initially calculated, the person viewing the map will always get accurate information about your whereabouts






Lifetime traffic for Sygic Voucher available! 


We have added a new great offer to Sygic Voucher as after the newest update, there is a possibility to purchase lifetime traffic for version 16.4 and higher! You can get lifetime traffic as a standalone license for your region or you can upgrade your current product to premium + traffic for the Sygic Voucher app. The lifetime traffic for Sygic Voucher is available and can be purchased only directly from the app.